Chronic Injury Rehabilitation

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My name is Mark Williams R.Ac

At HEAVYSTONES we specialize in the treatment of chronic pain. We integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage and Hot Stones for a comprehensive treatment.

NOTE: ICBC patients
If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) you are automatically pre-authorized (regardless of fault) for up to 12 acupuncture sessions within 12 weeks of the date of the accident. If additional treatment is needed we can ask ICBC to extend the coverage.

  • No Doctor’s referral required
  • No upfront payment required
  • Simply provide us with your ICBC claim number for hassle free direct billing
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Service is by appointment only, please call/ text 604-366-4386  to schedule an appointment.

Covid-19 precautions are in effect for your continued safety.


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Be sure to check out my HEAVYSTONES vlog. With physical distancing and social isolation being the norm, finding  ways to connect is more important than ever. Regular interactions are an important part of any healthy relationship so check out video updates for a more personal touch. Stay safe, stay informed.


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