About Qi Gong

Qi gong (pronounced “chi gong”) is the ancient practice of meditative exercise used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi gong combines slow, circular and symmetrical movements with meditation and breathing exercises. The practice of qi gong stimulates and balances the flow of qi, or vital energy. It is used to promote inner strength, calm the mind, […]

About Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine or the use of plants as therapeutic substances is believed to be the oldest form of medicine. Today, herbal medicine is still a very important part of many different health systems around the world. More than 75% of the world’s population relies on herbal medicines as their primary form of health care. Every […]

About Reflexology

Reflexology is a body therapy that involves the gentle application of pressure to key spots on the feet. Some therapists also work on the hands and ears. Practitioners use their fingers and thumbs to detect small deposits or lumps. They gently apply pressure to these points to release blockages and imbalances so that the flow […]