The Creeping Stiffness, the Cost of Aging

The Creeping Stiffness, the cost of aging

There’s a phenomenon that I call the ‘THE CREEPING STIFFNESS. It’s a time sensitive problem which noticeably worsens each year. Routine physical movement is  accompanied with stiffness, groans and gnashing of teeth. For myself,I noticed basic functions such as bending over to tie my shoelaces had become a chore, dependent on whatever body ache presented itself that day. Movement was no longer the easy, effortless thing I did in my youth. I call this ‘THE CREEPING STIFFNESS




Of course there are physiological costs to aging, but it doesn’t all have to be painful.  We shrink as we age, lose muscle mass and range of motion in our movements.Our joints start to creak as they lose fluid, at the same time we slow down our physical activities. 

 Of course it’s all part of getting older but there are actions we can take to help mitigate the pain and discomfort of ‘THE CREEPING STIFFNESS’…such as regular exercise.



As a former fitness trainer I am aware that consistently practising yoga can have a positive outcome in encouraging your muscles and connective tissue to relax ,loosen and increase your range of motion. When  targeting the back, hips and thoracolumbar region these benefits are especially important for the senior adult.

For all of these benefits and more I am fully embracing my new journey of discovery with yoga . You only live once so give your body a break and try out some yoga.


About the author: Mark Williams R.Ac practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in British Columbia, Canada, at Heavystones Chronic Pain Management.

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